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Variations Version 6.3 Installation Instructions
for Mac OS X

Please note that Variations no longer works or is supported on macOS Sierra (10.12).

Step 1. Install Variations

- Note: If you have an older version of Variations installed, first drag it to the trash, and empty the trash.
  1. Navigate to IUware Online, and click the "Multimedia" link under the categories on the left to find Variations. Click the "Login" button and login with your IU Network ID and passphrase. Then save the Variations installer image file to your desktop.
  2. When the file finishes downloading, you will see an install disk image (an icon of a disk called "Variations_6_3"); open it to begin the installation.
  3. In the install disk image is the program, an application named "Variations"; drag it to where you would like it to be installed. The usual location is the Applications folder.
  4. Double-click on the program to start it. You will be prompted to login. Use your IU Network ID and passphrase (same as you use for Canvas or CAS).

    Note: If you are installing Variations for the first time on OS X Lion, you will be prompted to install Java. You will get a pop-up message like this:


    Click install, and the install process will begin. After completion, click OK. Variations should then launch.

Step 2. Configure QuickTime - Note: This step is only necessary if you are running Yosemite (OS X 10.10) or later on your Mac. If you are not sure, click on the apple icon in the upper lefthand corner of your screen and then pick "About This Mac". Check the version number to see if it is 10.10 or higher. If not, skip to step 3.

Login to the Yosemite instructions page and follow the steps outlined there.

Step 3. Configure Web Browser(s)

For Variations to work properly when links are clicked from web browsers, you must follow the instructions below for each web browser installed on your system.


Firefox does not allow setting of file/mime types ahead of time, and so you must "teach" the browser to recognize files by first clicking on them in the browser. For each file type (v2p playlists, v2t timelines, v2a annotation files, and v2x player/viewer links), the first time you click on a link to one of these files, a pop-up dialog will ask which application you wish to use to open files of this type. For each file, choose Variations.

Configure Firefox by clicking on each of the sample links on the samples page


Use of Safari is not currently recommended for accessing Variations. In Safari, clicking a link cuases a file to download. You must then locate the file in your Downloads and double-click on it in the Finder to launch Variations.


  • If you experience problems when you try to run Variations, check the following link for possible solutions: Known Problems.
  • If the Known Problems link still does not solve your problem, contact support for assistance.