Creating Assignments (Mac)(PC)

There are many ways Variations can be used to create assignments.  This page offers suggestions on how to get started and gives examples of two types of assignments.

Start by becoming familiar with Variations.

  • To get access to Variations, visit Where to Find It.
  • Read through the "Using Variations" pages of this user guide to see what Variations can do.

Below are some suggested uses and examples.

Idea: A Customized Listening List

Use bookmarks to identify the necessary materials and then export the bookmarks to a Web page file.  If desired, edit the Web page to add explanatory text or pictures.

Idea:  An Analysis Assignment

Provide students with links to the desired material(s).  Students use bookmarks to identify places in the recording and add comments to each bookmark to offer their analyses.  When they are finished, they can export their bookmarks to a Web page file.  This Web page can be printed, emailed, or used online for a class presentation.