Bookmarks (PC)(Mac)

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Bookmarking provides a way to mark certain pieces or places within pieces for later reference. They are automatically saved so they will be available for subsequent uses of Variations, even if you move to a different computer. A bookmark is indicated by this symbol: bookmark icon. When a bookmark is added, it appears in the playback area, underneath the slider bar, as shown below:

bookmarks under slider PC
bookmarks under slider Mac

Adding & Positioning Bookmarks

You may add bookmarks in a few different ways:

  • Select "Add Bookmark" from the Bookmarks menu in the Audio Player, Score Viewer or Opus Window. (You cannot add bookmarks from the Search window or Timeline tool.)
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A (Mac: Command + A)
  • Press the "Add" button in the Bookmarks button panel (shown below).

bookmark panel buttons: Add, Edit, Clear PC
Bookmark Panel Buttons: Add, Edit, Clear Mac

You may more precisely position a bookmark by stretching the player window AND/OR changing the view options: Total, CD/Side, Track, as shown below. Track view will be the most precise way to add a bookmark.

Editing Bookmarks

Use the Edit Bookmarks window (shown below) to organize and move bookmarks into folders, delete bookmarks, export bookmarks to Web (.html) pages, or import existing bookmark lists (.v2b file). There are several ways to access the Edit Bookmarks window:

  1. Select "Edit Bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu in any Variations window.
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B
  3. Press the "Edit" button in the Bookmarks button panel.

bookmark editing window PC
bookmark editing window Mac

Moving to Bookmarked Spots

To get to a bookmarked place, you may choose from these options:

  • Select the bookmark from the dropdown list in the Bookmarks menu available in any Variations window (see below).

bookmarks dropdown menu PC
bookmarks dropdown menu Mac

  • Click on the bookmark icon underneath the slider bar in the player.
  • Double-click on a bookmark in the Edit Bookmarks window

Adding Comments

You may add a comment/note to a bookmark within the Edit Bookmarks window. Access this window as described in the Editing Bookmarks section above. Select the bookmark you wish to add a comment to. Type the desired text in the box labeled "Comment". Each comment will appear in parentheses to the right of the bookmark.

Removing Bookmarks

Clear All - Press the "Clear" button in the bookmark panel to remove ALL bookmarks for the current selection. You may specify in the warning message box whether to apply that action throughout your Variations session (see below).

confirm bookmark deletion dialog box PC
confirm bookmark deletion dialog box Mac

Selective Deletion - Within the Edit Bookmarks window, use the Delete button to remove highlighted bookmarks or folders.

Exporting to a Webpage

Exporting bookmarks to a Webpage that may be viewed later is a 3-4 step process detailed below:

Step 1: Once you have set up the particular bookmarks you'd like for a recording or score, click EITHER the "Export" button or the "Export Selected..." button. When a new or changed set of bookmarks is exported, it will be appended to the existing set of bookmarks on the .html page, rather than replace them. The "Export" button will export all of your bookmarks; it is not necessary to export each bookmark individually. The "Export Selected..." button will export all bookmarks in a selected folder. It is only available when a folder is selected or highlighted.

Step 2: Choose a destination folder or disk in which to place your bookmark .html file.

save exported bookmarks PC
save exported bookmarks Mac

Step 3: Immediately after you save, the resulting webpage (.html) will open in a browser window. Each clickable link will open directly to that bookmark in the Audio Player, Score Viewer or Opus Window.

Step 4: To access the .html file after it has been saved, find the file and double-click the file to open it.

images/bookmark_export_folder.gif Mac

Importing Bookmarks

You may import an existing set of bookmarks which will be appended to any current set of bookmarks. To do this, either choose "Import..." from the Bookmarks menu or open the Edit Bookmarks window and choose "Import...". Select a bookmark file (.v2b) and select Open. The imported bookmark set is added to the bottom of the current bookmark list and also highlighted.

Importing bookmarks may be a useful tool for instructors who have a certain set of listening points that they want to share with students, or for students who want to share a set of bookmarks with others. To use bookmarks in this manner, first add the desired bookmarks and then export them, making sure to select the option to save as a bookmark (.v2b) file from the "Files of Type" dropdown list (.html is the default). Make that file available to students via the Web, so that they may import the desired set of bookmark listening spots.