In Class Use (Mac)(PC)

One aim of Variations is to support classroom use of music library resources.  Using any new technology in the classroom can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with it.  The steps below can help make your effort successful.

1.  Make sure Variations is available in your classroom.

  • Check Where to Find It to make sure Variations is available in your classroom.

2.  Learn what Variations can do.

  • Read through the "Using Variations" pages of this user guide to see what Variations can do.
  • Use Variations to become comfortable with it.
  • If you want to display any of the Variations windows using a PC projector, experiment with the various window display options within Variations to determine the optimal format.  For example, the score viewer window provides a range of zooming options.

3.  Beforehand, set up easy access to the material you want to use.

  • Use bookmarks to mark the starting points of the material you want to use.  Bookmarks are also useful for marking key places within a work.  Then you can move to each new location quickly and precisely.  When you exit Variations, your bookmarks are stored on the server and will be available to you whenever you login to Variations, even if it is from a different computer.
  • You can also export your bookmarks to make a web page and then launch Variations by clicking on the Web page links.  This approach is more complex because you have to save the Web page as a file somewhere and then make sure the file is available from your classroom computer.  But if you have some experience creating Web pages, you may prefer this approach because you can add pictures and other materials that you may wish to use in your class presentation.

4.  Try it out in the classroom.

  • Familiarize yourself with starting and using Variations from the classroom computer.
  • The display resolution on the classroom computer and/or projector may differ from the resolution on your office computer.  Try out the materials you want to present and see how they look.
  • If you plan to access materials from a Web page, make sure the Web page is accessible from the classroom computer. 

5.  Right before class...

  • You may want to bring up the Variations windows you plan to use and then minimize them so that they are quickly available for your use during class.