Details Feature (Mac)(PC)

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Variations uses the Additional Details Symbol symbol throughout the program to display additional details in a separate window.

View Details Window

For items that are sufficiently cataloged in Variations, the details will appear in a Variations popup window. For all other items, including most recordings, the details will be displayed using IUCAT in a browser window.

Some details windows will have themes listed in them. Showing the themes can be toggled on and off by the checkbox on the bottom.

Details windows cannot be printed, but they can be saved as HTML, using the link at the bottom of the window. The text can also be copied and pasted into a document.

In the experimental search window, a single selection will have multiple detail links containing various information. The one next to the recording will provide the most information, including all tracks on that recording. You can use the Find function Ctrl-F(Command-F) to skip to a specific part. The detail links next to composer, works, etc. will provide more focused information.

Search Details Window