Listening Drill (Mac)(PC)

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The listening drill tool is available for any playlist you create in Variations. To learn about creating playlists, visit the playlist page in this user guide.

Creating a Drill

  • To create a listening drill, click Listening Drill in a Playlist window to open the Listening Drill Options window.
  • Select the type of drill, start point, duration, and test items, and end conditions and press Start Drill.
  • If some of the "Test Me On" fields are grayed out, there is not enough detailed track information in the playlist for the drill to cover those fields. You can add this detailed information by clicking on the Edit/Add Track Information... button.
Listening Drill Edit

Scoring the Drills

In the scored drills, the Reset button erases the current score. If you want to skip a question, you can select Next Excerpt, but it will count against your score. Show Answer will also cause the question to be scored as an incorrect answer. Your answer will be scored after hitting the Submit button.

Drill Types

The listening drill tool has three types of listening drills:

  • Flash Card - Track information is revealed when the Reveal button is pressed. This drill is not scored.
  • Fill in the Blank - Type in the exact match of the requested information. This drill can be scored.
  • Multiple Choice - Select the correct answer from the group of answers. This drill can be scored.