Audio Player (Mac)(PC)

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Listening to a selection involves manipulating the Audio Player interface, shown below. There are a variety of features available to enhance and personalize your listening experience, including slider bar control, the ability to quickly jump to different sections of your selection, and view and repeat options.

PC audio player interface

Mac audio player interface


Use the audio player controls to stop and start, fast forward and rewind tracks.

  • Stopping/Starting/Pausing - To stop playback where it is in the piece press the Pause pause button button instead of the Stop stop button button. Pressing the Stop button will always reset your selection to the beginning. The Pause button is only visible while a piece is playing; otherwise, it appears as the Play arrow.
  • Repeating - Check the repeat box to make a section or track repeat automatically.
  • "Playing Content" - This status bar message indicates that your selection is playing.
  • "Buffering Stream" - If you see the words "Buffering Stream" at the bottom of the player, this means that the system is preparing your selection to be played. It may take a few moments to hear your selection while the system searches for and retrieves it from storage.

Slider Bar Control

  • You may more precisely select or navigate to a portion of a work by moving the slider bar. Position the cursor over the slider bar slider and move it left or right to find a more precise spot in a piece, a track, or a bookmark.
  • Resize the player window to stretch or shrink the slider bar. To resize the window, position the cursor over the window edge and "pull" the window when the arrows appear.
  • To see a more precise view, select a narrower view option such as CD/Side or Track.

Moving Around an Audio Selection

Jump to different sections of a selection using these methods:

  • Select a different track from the list.
  • Use the audio player controls such as fast forward, rewind, previous track and next track.
  • Directly adjust the slider bar.
  • Bookmark certain spots and click on the bookmark icon bookmark icon.

View Options

There may be up to 3 views available for your selection (shown below):

  • "Total" shows you all the stop points for the entire digitized recording, even if it includes more than one CD/record, etc.
  • "CD/Side" shows only the pertinent points for the selected CD or record side.
  • "Track" is the most precise way to browse the selection.

comparison of 3 view options PC

comparison of 3 view options PC


If you are having difficulty hearing your selection, try adjusting the volume at these points:

  • Audio player volume slider volume control and mute PCvolume control and mute Mac
  • Your listening station
  • Computer speakers directly
  • Computer master volume (shown below)

computer volume PCcomputer volume Mac