Score with Audio (Mac)(PC)

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Current links to opus window selections can be viewed from the Opus Links Page


The Opus Window displays a score that is synchronized with a recording. As a piece plays, the score pages will turn at the appropriate points in the music. You may jump to particular measures, control the automatic page turning, repeat sections of interest, and adjust the appearance of the score. A selection for which the Opus Window is available will be marked by a "Listen + View" button opus window button in the experimental search results screen. Click the button to open the Opus Window.

Initially, you will see this screen, in which you may select the particular tracks which you would like to open in the Opus Window:

Opus Window initiaion window Opus Window initiaion window

After you have made track selections in the initiation window, press OK and the Opus Window viewer will open:

Opus Windowopus window overview

Measure Movement

Skip to a specific measure by selecting a measure from the "Go to measure" dropdown menu.

Current Measure controls in opus windowgo to measure options in opus window

Opening the Annotation Tools

toggle PCtoggle Mac The annotation tools may be activated in the opus window. On the sidebar [left-hand side], there is an annotation box with two toggle buttons, Hide/Show Tools and Hide/Show Annotations. By clicking on the Show Tools button, the annotation tools will appear surrounding the score. The button will change to Hide Tools, and clicking it again will hide them. This is the same for the Show/Hide annotation button. However, hiding the annotations will also hide the tools. Hiding the annotations will not delete or clear them. More information on the annotation tools is on the Annotation page

Turning Pages

You may turn score pages by:

  • moving the slider bar left or right
  • entering a page number in the "Go to page" area.
  • clicking the back and forward arrows to the right of the "Go to page" area

You may also set the score to automatically turn pages as the selection plays by checking or unchecking the "auto page turning" box.

Go to page options in Opus Windowgo to page dropdown in opus window


You may set several repeat options for the score pages, as shown below. Choose "current section" to repeat your current section of measures; Choose beginning and ending measure numbers to repeat; or choose none to play straight through.

Repeat Options in Opus Windowrepeat options in opus window


The Opus Window uses the same playback controls as those found in the Audio Player, Score Viewer and Timeline tool. Use the volume slider to adjust volume.

Opus Window audio paneaudio controls in opus window

View Options

Various score view options are available under the "Fit to Window" dropdown menu. Zoom in and out to percentages or fit the window to the score's width or height.

dropdown Fit to Window options in Opus Windowfit dropdown options in opus window