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With the score viewer, you can look at the full score for a selection. You can bookmark pages in online scores for future use, and score views can be changed according to your preferences. You may want to use the score viewer in conjunction with the audio player to follow along. If the score you want to view is unavailable in Variations, it likely has not yet been digitized but is probably available for checkout.

score viewer window score viewer Mac

View/Appearance Options

  • Use the Zoom options to change the appearance of the score. You may zoom in (+) to make the score bigger or zoom out (-) to make the score smaller. Try the various view sizes (%) and "fits" from the dropdown menu.

score zoom/sizing options zoom/resize options mac

  • Also, you can use the Compact View/Full View button to remove or add the left-hand panel of controls.

full view button compact view button compact view button (mac) full view button (mac)

Opening the Annotation Tools

Annotation toggle PC Annotation toggle MacThe annotation tools may be activated in the score viewer. On the sidebar [left-hand side], there is an annotation box with two toggle buttons, Hide/Show Tools and Hide/Show Annotations. By clicking on the Show Tools button, the annotation tools will appear surrounding the score. The button will change to Hide Tools, and clicking it again will hide them. This is the same for the Show/Hide annotation button. However, hiding the annotations will also hide the tools. Hiding the annotations will not delete or clear them. More information on the annotation tools is on the Annotation page

Turning Pages

There are several ways to turn pages within a score. As shown below, you may:

  • Enter a page number you wish to jump to in the text box next to the slider bar;
  • Drag the slider bar to a corresponding page;
  • Click the red arrows that say "Prev" and "Next" to the left and right of the score slider bar.

page turn options PC page turning Mac

Printing Scores

Follow these steps to print a score selection:

  1. In the score viewer, click on the File menu and choose "Print...":

  2. Select the desired page range from the Print window. The default setting is Current Page. If you select a page range, the number of pages to be printed is displayed to the right of the page range. The suggested page print size is "Fit to Page", otherwise your page may not appear correctly:

  3. Select the printer you wish to print to from the second print window:

printing scores: 'select page range' window print page selection (mac)

printing scores: 'select printer' window