Searching (Mac)(PC)

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The primary ways to open a recording or score in Variations are:

  • IUCAT - Search the entire collection of over 27,000 online recordings and approximately 700 scores
  • Course Reserve Lists - Browse the lists to access online course materials

Searching in IUCAT

  • Open IUCAT in your web browser.
  • On the "Limit your Search" sidebar on the left, click on "Collection".
  • Select "Variations Collection" to limit your search to just streaming audio available on Variations.
  • Type in your search terms and hit the Enter key. For example, here is a search for Schubert:

    IUCAT search example

    More searching tips are available on the library's IUCAT help page.
  • Click on the link for the item you want to listen to.
  • In the bibliographic record under "URL" is a link to the Variations access page. Click the link.

    IUCAT Record with Variations URL

  • On the access page, click on the track or work you want to hear or view. Here is what an access page looks like:

    IUCAT access page

  • If you are not already logged into Variations, a window will open prompting you for your IU username and password. Otherwise, the player or viewer will open.